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Karate is one of the most complete martial arts, strengthening the body and mind while obtaining discipline, tolerance and respect. Developing character and the ability to reach your goals.


From the technical throws to the clever submissions this one of a kind discipline known as “the gentle way” emphasizes on the best of the grappling game.


Elbows, knees, fists and feet. This discipline covers them all with the best of boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai and karate striking


Millenium Martial Arts Academy’s After-School Program is more than just care; it’s a holistic journey. Certified chauffeurs ensure safe travel, while our clean, secure facility fosters learning and growth. With daily martial arts, character development, and homework time, students sharpen focus, build confidence, and excel academically, preparing them for life’s challenges.


Wrestling is a hand-to-hand combat system involving grappling-type techniques such as clinch fighting, throws and takedowns, joint locks, pins and other grappling holds. Wrestling techniques have been incorporated into martial arts, combat sports and military systems.


Experience the energy of Kick Fitness, where every punch and kick fuels your journey to peak fitness. Our certified trainers guide you through a full-body workout that's not just about sweat; it's about building strength, confidence, and a resilient spirit. Dive into a community that champions your health and personal growth. Join Kick Fitness and unleash your potential!


Summer camp, fall camp, winter camp, spring camp & day camps. All year round our students have days off of school and parents need to work. We offer a constructive alternative to day care; structured camps that cover all their days off with the perfect balance of fun and discipline. From dodgeball & nerf wars to challenging martial arts classes.

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